The Kung Jung Mu Sul of Texas martial arts school is a leader in martial arts instruction and character development for the whole family. We serve positive families looking for karate and martial arts in the greater San Antonio area.

Our schools serve the San Antonio, Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Encino Park, Northern Hills, Thousand Oaks, Hill Country Village, Bulverde Creek, Whisper Hollow, Henderson Pass, Wetmore, Gold Canyon Park, Schertz, Cibilo, Universal City, Converse, Live Oak, Garden Ridge, Selma, Marion and Randolph Air Force Base areas.

We are deeply committed to the success of our students. Our belief is that anyone, given the right direction, focus and support can lead an extraordinary life, that anyone can succeed. It does not matter the age, or whether a person has certain physical or mental limitations, or even if it is simply one is in shape or not, our martial arts/karate training methods provide not only a reliable method to achieve a level of physical health and self-defense but also a foundation for emotional and mental growth as well.

Martial Arts is a Great Activity For Kids…

Karate for Kids San Antonio, TXThe world is changing at an incredible pace, our young children are exposed to and dealing with issues, that just a few short years ago, were reserved to the world of late teens and adults. Our character development program for our young students helps them learn how to effectively deal with the challenges they face daily. Even students diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome or other learning difficulties will learn coping skills which helps them become successful at school as well at home. As our students learn, have fun and develop self-confidence through the guided physical self-defense training, our character development program teaches them a more balanced approach to their everyday life. We are so dedicated to helping your child grow into a strong, successful adult, that we have a Nationally Renowned child psychologist Dr. Robyn Silverman developing our life skills curriculum.

Our flexible class schedule and programs provides many options that fit with modern busy life styles. We conduct morning and evening classes for our adult students. For our school aged students we have classes during the afternoon and evening. We also have our After school Kung Jung Mu Sul Training Program with free pickup from area schools during the school year and during the summer we have our special Summer Camp Training Program.

We enjoy helping our students grow and have fun doing it and we take our passion for developing powerful lives seriously. Our caring and friendly staff undergo continual training to constantly raise the bar as to the quality of instruction we provide. Our team members are expected to make a difference in our students’ lives and are committed to doing it.

We are recognized nationally for innovations and contributions to the martial arts world. Our Regional Master Instructor for the International Kung Jung Mu Sul Federation, Charles Dudley, co-author of the book The Path to Leadership, was named martial Arts Hero of the Year for 2009 by Martial Arts World magazine. He was also awarded the Service to Youth Award by the Gymnastics Association of Texas, recognized for his leadership in thwarting the efforts of forces bent on instituting government control of youth sports industries here in Texas through the 2009 legislative session. He continues his leadership role today serving as an advisor and advocate to the State of Texas for the youth sports industries and serves as an inspiration and advisor to others facing similar issues in other States. Martial Arts Professional magazine has also featured our schools for our innovative Striped Based rotating curriculum which allows students and instructors alike to constantly measure a student’s progress. This gives us the ability to guide each student as to their individual needs even though classes are conducted in a group setting, to assure positive, consistent improvement.

Let Kung Jung Mu Sul help you unlock your, or your child’s, true potential!