The Secret to Positively Enhancing Every Area of Your Child’s Life…School, Home, Sports…Everywhere!

Kids Karate San Antonio

Face it…being a parent is NOT Easy, they don’t come with owner’s manuals! It can be overwhelming at times. The right help can make a big difference.

We help kids and parents deal with everyday challenges that can cause serious problems when left unattended.

Do you notice that your child…

  • Does not listen to you and no matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t seem to get through?
  • Is being bullied and you are unsure how to handle it?
  • Used to be happy and now is sullen and withdrawn?
  • Is drawn to “the wrong crowd,” and now is constantly getting into trouble at home and school?
  • Is constantly argumentative and disrespectful and normal things are now a constant battle?
  • Focuses like a laser beam on video games, but when it comes to taking care of school or other responsibilities, he can’t seem to get it together?
  • Used to be a fun playmate for other kids and now has become very aggressive and bullies others?
  • Doesn’t have a good male role model and is becoming increasingly difficult to control?
  • Is not doing well in school and has been recommended for medication and you feel that might not be the answer or would like to try something else first?
  • Is being swayed by the desire to be popular and is giving in to pop culture and thinking it’s cool to not care about being a good student?
  • Does not seem to have any energy or ambition and has become a couch potato?
  • Is doing pretty well but you know he is capable of so much more?
  • Do you feel, with the messages of television, movies and music reflecting our society at large, the whole world seems to be working against you?

Chances are good ‐ you can relate to some of the above situations.

Chances are excellent – WE CAN HELP.

Raising strong, confident, respectful kids in today’s world is a real challenge!


Teaching kids to take command of themselves results in:

Higher Academics: On average 86% of our students make A’s and B’s. In our Leadership Program it is 93%, 67% have straight A’s!

Respect: As your child learns to give and earn respect, they develop Self-respect.

Self-Confidence: Your child will learn they CAN succeed! Genuine accomplishment develops strong Self-Esteem and Self- Confidence.

Better Physical Health: With guided training, your child’s body will become stronger, quicker, more agile. They are able to accomplish more. As a result, they have a Better Self-Image!

All these lead to a balanced and happy life!

If you’re looking for a program that teaches the same values that you teach at home, do not wait another minute to fill out the form below or give us a call so we can invite you to be our guest to visit our school. Let us work with your child, meet our staff and talk to other parents and see for yourself why so many others here in the Greater San Antonio area, have made the decision to jump start their child’s life.

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