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How many times have you told your child something over and over again, only to have them either ignore you, fight you or just look at you with a blank stare?Children Martial Arts San Antonio

Have you ever thought, "What is wrong with this kid, he doesn't listen?!" Do they finally comply when you become so frustrated you are about to explode? Or maybe you sometimes do!

The good news is if this has happened to you then you and your child are normal! So relax.

However ‐ Getting your child to focus on the task at handDeveloping their Self-Respect, Listening, Respect for You and Others along with their self-discipline is Key for maximum success and minimal stress, don’t you agree?

I can tell you, after training thousands of young students of all ages dealing with a broad array of issues, we have developed educational methods focused through Martial Arts training that produce results.


Our young Martial Arts students are trained to develop essential life skills such as listening, following directions, focus, leadership and respect, while developing strong motor skills, in a fun, active learning environment.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child through creative role playing scenarios, games and drills. This is done in a positive, step-by-step manner, in small bite-size pieces. Our program creates real accomplishments that are recognized, thus really building your child's self-esteem and confidence. Your child will take pride in their accomplishments, and you both will enjoy the results of a new way of thinking.

If you're looking for a program that teaches the same values that you teach at home, don't wait another minute to fill out the form below or give us a call so we can invite you to be our guest to visit our school. Let us work with your child, meet our staff and talk to other parents. See for yourself why so many others here in the Greater San Antonio area, have made the decision to jump start their child's life.

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