Important Questions…Can You Answer Yes?

Do You Know…

  1. How to Empower Your TEENAGER for FUTURE Success?Martial Arts for Teens San Antonio
  2. The Secret to Keeping Them Off Drugs?
  3. How to Give Them Confidence To Stand Up To Negative Peer Pressure?

Most Parents Cannot Answer YES and Need Some Help With their Teens

  • More Teenagers are having sex before age 15, in the next twenty-four hours, 2,795 Teenage girls will become pregnant.
  • Illegal drug use among Teens is decking, but Abuse of Prescription Drugs is on the Rise
  • 75% of High-School Students have tried Alcohol, 37% by eight grade.

"No, not my teenager!" Unfortunately, we are not finished yet,

  • 55% of Teens have given out personal info on the internet to someone they do not know, including photos and physical descriptions
  • 69% of Teens regularly receive personal messages online from people they do not know and most of them do not tell a parent about it.
  • 91% of Teenagers have been bullied.

The list goes on and on! If you feel your Teenager does not deal with these statistics every day, That’s an Illusion!

The Truth… As A Parent of A Teenager, You Need All The Help You Can Get!

We can help and you won’t have to "Force" your Teenager into doing something that is good for them. We’ll make it so much fun that they’ll enjoy learning…

  • How To Say, “NO!” to UN-Healthy Peer Pressure
  • How to Resolve Conflict
  • How to Develop Respect for Themselves and Others
  • The Value of Hard Work and Dedication
  • Self-Confidence – Self-Discipline and more

All this while they are having fun and getting in Great Shape and Learning Martial Arts.

Best of all… Results are FAST with our Special Martial Arts Program.

We invite you to come in, evaluate us and let your Teenager experience a training session for FREE, No Obligation!

Just let your Teenager know: "You heard Martial Arts is a fun sport for teenagers. That anyone, without experience, can do it for FUN, FITNESS and SELF-DEFENSE."

To Make It Easy for You to Find Out if our Martial Arts program
Will Be a Great Thing for Your Teenager We’re Going to Give You…

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